Marc Durando


"The STEM School Label is a unique portal that allows schools to develop and advance their STEM strategy by means of a detailed self-assessment tool and tailor-made feedback. With this personalised feedback, schools get access to advice and resources that support them in improving their STEM strategy. Moreover, by providing 21 clear criteria, the STEM School Label helps creating a common framework for STEM schools and gives concrete guidance to those schools that don’t have a STEM strategy yet."

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Mladen Sljivovic


"In order to do the best we can for students and teachers, we are always looking forward to improving ourselves. STEM School Label is really all about that, improving schools in order to help them bring out the best in their students. There is a great opportunity provided on the platform to share activities and learn from other schools via submitted school practice evidence or on the forum. The greatest thing is obtaining an action plan based on your current school evidence and status”

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