More schools awarded with Scientix STEM School Labels


Small-scale pilots illustrate the value of peer guidance in obtaining the STEM School Label

To get more schools to join the Scientix STEM School Label initiative, Scientix organised small-scale pilot projects in the following six countries/regions: Basque country, Croatia, Czech Republic, Ireland, Latvia, and Malta. With the help of 16 Scientix Ambassadors, a total of 37 schools have now successfully obtained the Competent label, while two schools have obtained the Proficient label.

Each Scientix Ambassador mentored two or more schools, including their own, and helped them with the process of obtaining the label. The schools’ success rate illustrates the value of proper guidance. We would like to thank all Scientix Ambassadors and their piloting schools for the hard work they put in this spring and summer. We appreciate the schools’ commitment to improving their STEM strategies and look forward to seeing them work towards the higher-level labels.

Stay tuned to hear about the teachers' experience and tips on obtaining the label and find out which new schools joined us. Perhaps you might discover your neighbouring school, or fellow teacher!

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