More than 600 schools participate in the STEM School Label


It is official: In even less than a month after the launch of the STEM School Label platform, more than 600 enthusiastic schools across Europe have registered and are committed to advancing STEM education across the continent! School representatives have submitted more than 250 self-assessment forms and received their personalised action plans already.

Thus, we are proud to say that the STEM School Label platform is alive and kicking! More than 450 submissions for school practice evidence and case studies have been uploaded and are currently under review. Stay tuned for soon to be published resources in our School Practice Evidence and Case Studies Galleries.

But that’s not all: The STEM School Label community is vividly exchanging experiences, advice and feedback in more than 85 forum threads. In our monthly poll, we can see that 39% of schools think that Inquiry Based Science Education (IBSE) is the most difficult criterion to address in the STEM School element “Instruction”. 37% think it is Personalisation of learning, while 24% believe that Problem and project based learning (PBL) is most difficult to address. What do you think? Check out our collaboration page and participate in the poll!

You have not registered to the STEM School Label yet? This video will explain everything you need to know!


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