New Expert School


Who is the new Expert school?

Congratulations to Kindergarten of Rizario in Greece for obtaining the Expert label!

According to Anna Magkiosi, the Principle of the Kindergarten:

“We are very proud and happy about the new success of our school that has been honored with the EXPERT STEM SCHOOL LABEL! This proves that our school developed a well-rounded STEM strategy and is continuously dedicated to developing our STEM teaching and learning and we would like to thank the STEM SCHOOL LABEL team so much for this recognition. Adopting the philosophy “STEM is everywhere", STEM and robotics (including ICT)  were integrated into the learning and teaching process of our school, giving us excellent results and letting us create new learning environments more interesting and more attractive for our little students, setting as a goal the increasing of 21st-century children skills! We are really proud of EXPERT STEM SCHOOL LABEL and we take over the responsibility to do our best to prove that we deserve it!”

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