Small-scale pilot results - Latvian edition


Check out which schools from Latvia received a label

Scientix organised STEM School Label small-scale pilot projects in six countries/regions to have more schools join the STEM School Label. One of those pilots was implemented in Latvia. The schools were guided through the process of obtaining the label by two Scientix Ambassadors (Ilze Šmate and Biruta Pjalkovska). The teachers and the school staff did a great job. Check out the results below to see if you can recognize a school from your area! 

Four Latvian schools that obtained the Competent label:

  • Pāles pamatskola
  • Nītaures mūzikas un mākslas pamatskola
  • Jūrmalas pirmsskolas izglītības iestāde "Zvaniņš"
  • Talsu 2. vidusskola

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