Small-scale pilot results - Irish edition


Check out which schools from Ireland received a label

As you might already know, Scientix organised STEM School Label small-scale pilot projects in six countries/regions and one of them was in Ireland. Three Scientix Ambassadors (Veronica Ward, Laura Quirke and Thomas Roche) supported their schools' certification process, and mentored other schools to obtain the STEM School Label. The teachers and the rest of the school staff did a great job and as the result, seven schools got the Competent label. See below if a school from your area is among them!

Seven Irish schools that obtained the Competent label:

  • Dublin 7 Educate Together National School
  • Holywell ETNS
  • Castle Park Junior School
  • Le Chéile National School
  • Scoil Mocheallog
  • St. John's National School
  • Duagh National School


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