The Scientix STEM School Label Croatian Webinar


Listen to what Croatian teachers have to say about obtaining the label

This one hour-long webinar presented the Scientix STEM School Label initiative and focused on the specific steps Croatian schools need to follow to engage in this process and obtain a STEM School Label accreditation. The webinar was co-organised with CARNET, the Scientix National Contact Point in Croatia, and held on October 13th 2022 at 19:00 CET. The aim was to provide schools with the necessary tools to engage their students, teachers and other actors in related activities by developing an appropriate STEM strategy. This webinar was addressed to any school engaged in the development of their STEM strategies in Croatia. The main speakers were three Croatian Scientix Ambassadors that participated in the STEM School Label small-scale pilots: Anita Čorak, Sonja Pospišil and Ella Rakovac Bekeš. There was a total of 122 participants and the recording is available here.


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