Small-scale pilots results - Croatian edition


Check out which Croatian schools received a label

Scientix organised small-scale STEM School Label pilots in six countries/regions. Today, we are happy to share with you the Croatian schools that obtained the Competent label during these pilot projects. The schools were guided through the process of obtaining the label by three Scientix Ambassadors (Anita Čorak, Sonja Pospišil and Ella Rakovac Bekeš). The teachers and the school staff did an amazing job. Check out the results below!

Seven Croatian schools obtained the Competent label:

  1. IX. Gimnazija, Zagreb
  2. Osnovna škola Dobriša Cesarić
  3. Srednja škola Markantuna de Dominisa Rab
  4. Osnovna škola Ive Andrića
  5. Osnovna škola August Šenoa
  6. XI. Gimnazija, Zagreb
  7. I. Gimnazija, Osijek

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