STEM Schools more expert than ever


Who is the new Expert STEM School?

Šiauliai kindergarten "Pasaka" has received the highest STEM School Label through constant efforts, consultations with other institutions, organising STEM events, and developing the professionalism of staff. To them, the "Expert" label is the evaluation of a consistent series of activities over the years, designed to see the meaning of their efforts and work, which encouraged them to work boldly.

According to Neringa Baršauskienė, Head of School:


Getting the STEM school expert label may not be an easy task, but the self-assessment path has yielded many answers: how to strengthen the curriculum, which connections to develop, and which infrastructure is important. Most importantly, this path helped teachers came together and increased their interest in working on integrating subjects, preparing projects and implementing them, which directly affects children's achievements.

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