The STEM School Label Best Practices


Finally out, a summary the latest 16 months of experience of the project


This publication presents a collection of best practices which were highlighted by the STEM School Label project from the launch of the online platform in April 2019 up to July 2020. The STEM School Label project developed a framework where schools can evaluate their performance in STEM via an online self-assessment tool, according to the set of criteria defining a STEM School.

This report aims to show how the STEM School Label, since its launch in April 2019 up to July 2020, has contributed to highlight and further develop STEM strategies of schools at European level.

During these 16 months of experience:

1,880 schools joined the STEM School Label

545 schools received the Competent Label and 7 reached the Proficient Label.

As first concrete results from the project, the schools joining the initiative highlighted that the STEM School Label strongly encourages collaborations between schools and with other organisations. It also provides them with a framework to develop their own STEM strategy at the school level and so helps them improve their own practice. Finally, it has also been shown by the numerous good examples of Case Studies and School Practice Evidence submitted on the platform and in the networking events that were organised, that the STEM School Label encourages sharing experiences about STEM education among schools.

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