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We are very pleased to announce the official launch of the STEM School Label portal! Designed to help European Schools defining their STEM strategy, STEM School Label will provide you with various resources in order to reach your goals. Whether you want to know more about what a STEM School is, or whether you want to obtain a STEM School Label and join the STEM School community, read on to discover which functionalities you can use!

Our public site offers you the possibility to explore the different criteria defining a STEM School, to read what a STEM strategy at the school level is all about, to browse through our latest news and to read what other STEM Schools are saying about us.

STEM School Label, more than just a tool

STEM School Label, it is also an online environment where you can exchange with other school contributors (teachers, heads of schools, and school staff) about STEM strategies at the school level. For instance, after registering our members have access to additional resources guiding them through their STEM School Label application. From preparation to self-assessment form, they can find advice on how to prepare their own case studies and school practice evidence. If you become a member, you are also encouraged to get involved on the platform. You can do it either by responding to the monthly poll or by interacting with other STEM School Label contributors via the forum, but also by sharing news on the blog, asking questions and reading what the Ambassadors are doing. Our platform is all about interacting with other schools and sharing best practices.

STEM School Label: the new self-assessment tool for STEM Schools

At STEM School Label, we also provide you with a personalized action plan guiding you in improving your school activities regarding STEM education. For that, you first have to evaluate your school via our online self-assessment tool according to the criteria defining a STEM School. This self-assessment tool will identify required areas of development and provide training as well as resources for you to improve your STEM activities at the school level.

Curious to know more? Take a tour on the public site, follow us on Twitter and, of course, register to get your Label!

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