The February poll results are here!


Last month’s poll question was about how long it took you to prepare your School Practice Evidence (SPE) submissions. Here are the results:


From what we can see from the graph, 6% of the respondents took less than 1 day to finish preparing their SPE submission while 22% managed to take a couple of days.
Almost half of the respondents, precisely 47%, declared that their submission took more than 1 week.

As for the remaining 26%, SPEs have not yet been submitted.

This poll was important because it highlighted that SPE submission is, for the majority of the respondents, a rather time-consuming activity.

In February, we want to know What is the most important aspect for you regarding the use of the STEM School Label once your school receives it? Remember: responding to the poll questions will get you 0.2 extra points in your total score!

Read more on what is included in this STEM School Key Element in the criteria section, go through the checklists and vote for the latest poll question on the Collaborate page!

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