The January poll results are here!


Last month’s poll question asked what part of the process to obtain a STEM School Label would need further explanation. Here are the results:



From the graph, we can notice that 20% of the respondents thought they Understood each part of the process. STEM School Elements and Criteria was considered, by 27% of the participants, the second criterion which needs more explanation. As for the third criterion, The Checklists was voted by 8% of the participants. Two other options, namely School Practice Evidence and Case Studies, had an equal share of respondents being 14%. Finally, voted by 17%, participants chose The Self-Assessment Form.

In February, we want to know How long did it take you to prepare your School Practice Evidence submissions? Remember: responding to the poll questions will get you 0.2 extra points in your total score!

Read more on what is included in this STEM School Key Element in the criteria section, go through the checklists and vote for the latest poll question on the Collaborate page!

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