The December poll results are here!


Last month’s poll question investigated the main motivation for participating in the STEM School Label. Here are the results:


In the graph below, we can notice that Share our school’s experience with others and learn from other schools’ experience was considered, by 50% of the participants, as the most prominent reason to participate in the STEM School Label.

Receiving information about how to improve STEM activities was considered, by 24% of the participants, the second most important reason to join the STEM School Label.

As for the third reason, participants chose Finding out where we stand as a STEM School, voted by 12% of the participants.

The remaining two options we split between Obtaining the Label to showcase it to other schools and external partners and Getting more students interested in STEM (6% and 5% respectively).

In January, we want to know what part of the process to obtain a STEM School Label you would need more information about. Remember: responding to the poll questions will get you 0.2 extra points in your total score!

Read more on what is included in this STEM School Key Element in the criteria section, go through the checklists and vote for the latest poll question on the Collaborate page!

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