The October poll results are here!


Last month’s poll question asked which criterion within the element “Connections” users find most difficult to address. Here are the results:

According to half of the participants, the most difficult to address was With industry professionals, which evaluates activities and opportunities outside of school for both educators and students.

10% think that With parents/guardians is most difficult to address. This kind of criterion evaluates the possibility for teachers to engage with parents.

With other schools and/or educational platforms is most difficult to address for 19% of the participants. This kind of connection evaluates the possibility of exchanging knowledge and expertise with other educational channels.

14% of the participants believe that With universities and/or research centres is most difficult to address, which evaluates the advantages of connecting with graduate-level institutions and research centers.

Finally, with regards to connecting With local communities, 7% ranked this element as most difficult to address.

In November, we want to know which criterion within the STEM School Key Element “School Infrastructure” you find most difficult to address. Read more on what is included in this STEM School Key Element in the criteria section, go through the checklists and vote for the latest poll question on the Collaborate page!


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