Empower Your School with Expertise

What is an Expertise?

An expertise is a recognized level of knowledge and proficiency in a specific field or subject. It signifies your school's dedication to mastering a particular area of expertise, such as Nature-based Solutions (NBS). These expertise are complementary to the STEM School Label, providing recognition to schools specializing in high-quality pedagogical and organizational strategies related to specific themes.

How to apply?

Applying for an expertise is simple and offers recognition for your organization's hard work. Follow these steps to get started:

  • Register: Create your account on our platform, if you are not already registered.
  • Prepare Evidence: Gather and prepare your School Practice Evidences (SPE) that showcase your expertise in the chosen field.
  • Meeting the Criteria: Ensure that your educational practices align with the criteria for expertise.
  • Submit SPEs: Upload a minimum of 3 School Practice Evidences (SPE) that align with the chosen expertise's criteria.
  • Application Form: We have prepared an Expertise Application Form, where you can send us your SPE to review.
  • Review and Recognition: Our experts will review your submission. Once you meet the expertise's requirements, you will be awarded the recognition.

Currently active Expertise:

Is your School committed to bringing nature-based solutions (NBS) in teaching and learning, even beyond traditional STEM approaches? Wait no more! Increase your STEM impact on a nature-positive future now and become part of this exclusive community by obtaining the NBS School Expertise, powered by NBS EduWORLD and the Scientix STEM School Label.

Browse an ever-growing number of resources in the NBS EduWORLD Resource repository to inspire your NBS activities, e.g. the NBS EduWORLD Network Stream’s Scenarios of Plausible Futures for Nature-Based Solutions in Education supporting the vision of schools as NBS Living Labs through the Whole-School Approach.

Discover how to get your NBS School Expertise here.